Recently Repaired Watches

We are so proud of our Rolex specialist and Omega certified repairs that we thought we would share some of them with you.

Wow , this is a stunning watch mechanism which is well worth taking a moment to admire . This elderly Movado automatic chronograph was sent to the watch repair centre by its owner in the hope we could help .He need not have worried , despite the complexity of the repair owner and Movado have been happily reunited .

We can see here the damage sustained by the dial in the fire . Fortunately the dial plate had not deformed and a restoration was possible . Image two shows the dial proudly in place and , if I may say , looking wonderful .

I have photographed the case and bracelet laid out before refurbishment begins . Considerable fire staining can be seen over all surfaces . Luckily at the Watch Repair Centre workshop we have on the team an expert case specialist , and this was quite a challenge . Image two and we are making good progress . The fire stain has been removed and the case specialist has polished and grained the bracelet and case . This is a very skilled job in its own right and can take hours of detailed work .I hope you like the result.

We think you will find this an interesting repair. A good client of ours sent a rather badly damaged Rolex GMT master 11 , model 16710 . This rolex had sustained quite substantial fire damage and on initial inspection was in very poor condition . As you can see from the image the entire case was fire stained , the dial heat damaged and even the sapphire date lens was burnt away . We are very proud of the outcome , as you will see from the second image we have returned the watch to the client in stunning condition allowing this great watch to continue providing joy to its owner long into the future . We have included several additional images detailing some of the repair journey which has included a very comprehensive refurbishment to the case and bracelet. A full service with very deep cleaning to the movement replacing several parts, full dial restoration , replacing the set of hands , a replacement sapphire and aluminium bezel insert sympathetic to the age of the watch . Once fully assembled the watch tested to chronometer standard and passed water resistance checks and testing . It has been very satisfying to return this watch in all of its glory to a delighted owner .

A before and after set of images depicting the 18ct gold bezel from a rolex watch . On the left the bezel looks decidedly worn from years of wear by its owner . This kind of wear is gradual and cumulative and only when compared to the restored bezel do you truly see the degree of wear. The owner of this watch was having their rolex serviced and as an optional extra decided upon a restore of their bezel . The transformation is stunning and whilst the return of a fully working , serviced rolex is very pleasing it is especially satisfying when you can see such a dramatic improvement . Please contact the workshop to ask about this and any other service you are considering .

This set of images shows a rolex 18ct yellow gold bezel when removed from the watch . The image on the left is showing the bezel as we received it . Its quite amazing to see he amount of wear and tear on this bezel . Over the years the sharpness of the cuts has become eroded leaving a rounded worn look . The image on the right is a picture we took having restored the bezel . Yes this is the same bezel and I think you will agree the transformation is dramatic . Bezel restoration and re cutting is just one of the restorative services we can offer . The servicing of your watch is where it all begins and for many a customer of ours this is all the require . Additional restoration can be undertaken as an optional extra , including the bezel and dials .

This set of photographs shows another example of just what can be achieved . In most cases we can restore your watch dial and return it to you as good as new . Your watch is an amazing machine but the dial is the face of your timepiece and needs to look good . As you can imagine the owner of this rolex was delighted when reunited with her beloved watch .

The Watch Repair Centre is an officially Certified Omega Service Centre where Rolex specialist watchmakers can off you a service to meet your individual needs.

Established in 1992 and considered one of the UK’s leading watch repair specialists, we offer to you an unparalleled level of service and expertise. Located in central Newcastle upon Tyne and open six days a week we allow you direct access to the areas leading watch repair specialists.

As a leading watch service centre, we are pleased to offer repairs and servicing to most fine quality watches. We are experts in the repair of Tag Heuer, Breitling, Raymond Weil & Gucci to name but a few. Our Omega certification extends to cover such illustrious names as Longines, Rado and Tissot. Please contact us to discuss your particular needs.

When servicing a watch we disassemble the timepiece completely. Every component is inspected and cleaned to remove all trace of dry oil and other deposits. After cleaning and drying, your watch is reassembled and lubricated with the correct grade oil before testing and regulation.

We hope to see you soon....

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