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We are an independent Rolex specialists and Omega Service Centre. This sets us apart from the vast majority of watchmakers. We have been inspected by Omega to ensure not only our skill as watchmakers but that our tooling and equipment are as they require. Our skill and training coupled with a considerable investment in equipment and tools allow the Watch Repair Centre access to original parts from many of the world’s greatest watch houses. You can be assured that your precious watch is in the safest of hands, that all materials used are wherever possible genuine and that our watchmakers are amongst the most skilled in the country.


We are rightly proud to be fully independent Rolex specialists and Omega Service Centre.


Below we set out the 10 step service procedure, which is designed to ensure your timepiece receives the attention demanded and expected by the likes of Omega, Rolex and Tag Heuer to mention but a few. Rolex and Omega watches are rigorously tested before receiving a 2 year guarantee; all others receive a 1 year guarantee but are tested and serviced to the same exacting standards.


We are pleased to provide a free estimate without obligation.


You are welcome to call at our workshop and we accept watches by mail globally or through one of our branches (please see store location).
If you have any questions or need and advice, please contact us and one of our expert team will be glad to help.


The bracelet or strap is removed from the case. The case is opened and the movement removed. The case is now disassembled into its component parts.


The movement is skilfully dismantled; each individual component is cleaned in specially formulated solution using an ultrasonic machine.


A watchmaker inspects each of the cleaned parts. Any parts that require replacing are identified and replaced.


Advanced lubricants are used in a precise way and location to ensure friction is minimised and wear prevented. Great care is taken to ensure your watch movement will continue to perform accurately.

Get Your Watch Repaired Today

If you would like us to look at your watch and give you a price break down on repair, please contact us via our online form, or Call us on 0191 230 2910


The watchmaker inspects and adjusts the balance and hairspring, which are the heart of a mechanical movement. Electronic testing equipment is used to ensure accuracy. Quartz watches are tested using advanced analysing equipment.


If directed your watch case and bracelet will be refinished. Great care and skill are used to remove any scratches using a series of compounds and polishing mops. Regraining and polishing is undertaken to restore the original finish to the case and bracelet.


The refinished case is skilfully reassembled replacing seals to guarantee water resistance.


Rigorous testing is undertaken to ensure the watch case meets manufacturer’s specification. We use a three step process: vacuum test, compression test and a condensation test.


The now complete mechanical watch is replaced on an automatic winder which simulates wearing and tests the self winding mechanism. Over a period of days, the accuracy of the watch is recorded and verified against manufacturing specifications.


The serviced watch is checked for its aesthetic appearance one last time. Only once satisfied, the customer is informed their watch is complete. Rolex and Omega watches receive a 2 year service guarantee, all others a minimum of one year.